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Onechat AI templates

By Francis Golden
August 16, 2023

As an alternative to typing your questions when using Onechat AI, you can use a template. To use a Onechat AI template, take the steps below:

Step 1: From your dashboard or any section under your account, access AI Tools by clicking on it on the left panel.


Step 2: Select Onechat AI from the sub-menu that appears under AI Tools.


Step 3: On the Onechat AI page, click on the template icon beside the audio recorder at the bottom of the page to access different templates.


Step 4: Select the template that suits the question you’d like to ask (review the resulting text at the top right corner) then scroll down and click on Use Prompt below to proceed.


You should see the text in the message box. You can then press the messenger (send) icon at the extreme to send the text generated from the template.


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